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Build Your Own Smart Home


Join Florian Merz & Christiane Ruetten in this free workshop and learn how to use open hardware to design connected things that can talk to each other, and to your existing products.

The Open IoT Studio is a partnership between the University of Dundee and Mozilla Foundation, an organisation dedicated to creating a healthier internet. Together, they’re exploring how the rapid spread internet connected objects is shaping our lives, and trying to create a vision for a future with more trustworthy and fair technology.

Over three days, they will be working in Factory Shop to design and build new ideas for Dundee city centre using the internet. How can we revitalise the high street? How can we connect people in new ways? How can people take control of their public spaces? Come inside, see what they’re doing, find out about the future of the internet, or take part in our scheduled workshops to help shape Dundeeā€™s connected future!

They will also be displaying a map of the Internet by artist and activist Vladan Joler and prototypes exploring trust in voice assistants by Martin Skelly.

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