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Places of Potential: Dundee


As part of the design month, Dundee will welcome the Districts of Creativity 2018 Places of Potential Summit. The DC Network brings together people from across the globe and from different sectors to harness the power of creativity to identify new ways of combining knowledge, technology and resources to impact on society for the better.

This two day symposium seeks to investigate how we as designers, architects, planners, and citizens can create the conditions for creativity to flourish. The event will actively encourage participants from different disciplines to explore best practice and open dialogue which investigates the benefits of insider knowledge and the reflections of outsider observations to stimulate co-creation.

Delegates are welcome to attend one or both days.

Places of Potential: DUNDEE is part of Dundee Design Month, a full programme of design activity taking place across the city. Delegates can browse the full programme online at and are encouraged to extend their stay in Dundee to take in some of the other activity.


With the city as a venue, this symposium will use workshops, case studies and conversations to explore best practice in Placemaking. Supported by Service Design specialists Open Change, in association with Dundee’s Place Partnership, this interactive, hands-on day will focus on physical spaces. The day will feature contributions and collaborations from architects, designers and engagement specialists from Norway, the Netherlands and Scotland.

At the start of the day, our facilitators will pose questions including:

  • Are we listening to seldom heard voices?
  • When we collaborate does the power shift?
  • How do we really work with each other?

These questions will underpin the discussions, explorations and presentations and are intended to support reflection on our own projects to apply learnings from the event in our own local contexts.


10am: Welcome to Dundee: How can Dundee be an inclusive city.

10.30am – 12pm: Morning Session – A city tour.

On this city tour groups will visit four locations and explore

  • Hot Chocolate Trust: Young people being valued.
  • Discovery Walk: Embedding the history of the cities people in its regeneration.
  • V&A Garden: Involving people in the design of the environment.
  • Tay St Mews: Renewing the old, breathing new life into old spaces.

12pm – 1pm: City regeneration – is it reaching all our citizens?

Dundee Decides: Cllr John Alexander, Leader, Dundee City Council

Reflection Session, Chaired by Mike Press and posing the questions:

  • How do you include seldom heard voices?
  • How do you give a city creative confidence?
  • How can creativity and democracy work together?

1pm – 1.45pm: LUNCH

1.45pm – 3pm Visit to DJCAD

Visit to DJCAD Interior & Environmental Design Student Show and Presentation with discussion and reflection. Led by Gary Kennedy & Lindsey McIntosh

3pm – 3.45pm Afternoon Presentation Session

Project Profiles – a series of short presentations highlighting active projects to share learning and inspire.

  • Grantown Regeneration, Edinburgh Scotland
  • West Ward Works, Dundee Scotland
  • Sibelius at the front door, Tilburg, Brabant
  • Year of Young People 2018, Scotland
  • Barnetraak, Planning Consultation tool, Norway

3.45pm – 4.30pm Afternoon Panel and discussion

Panel session and discussion, chaired by Mike Press, Open Change Dundee with invited contributors from today’s programme discussing the questions:

  • How do you include seldom heard voices?
  • How do you give a city creative confidence?
  • How can creativity and democracy work together?

DAY 1: Evening Session (Optional)

7 -10pm – Pecha Kucha Night, The Whitehall Theatre

Enjoy the super speedy 20 sec x 20 slide format hosted by Creative Dundee. Hear from a range of people speaking on topics entirely of their own choice. Talks can be entertaining, thought-provoking and are often inspiring. Pecha Kucha Night Vol 21 is part of Scotland’s Year of Young People. The night will be delivered and programmed with young people from across Dundee.

There is a £5 charge for Pecha Kucha Night. Entry to PKN is included in your DAY 1 ticket

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